ColouringPixels – Example 09

Another bit of fun I had today where I used #Jave Cavas, Color, Graphics and #Swing JFrame to create a simply colouring pixels class all we are doing is creating square a JFrame 400400 pixels (few extra pixels required for the frame it self) and then we extend the Canvas and colour the pixels symmetrically. […]

Fonts Format – Example 08

After my last post “Available Fonts – Lesson 07“ when I created a #java class example to list of all available font(s) and passing it to #JList, I decided to create another class in which it actually shows the format all the font. I spent a while trying to pass the font format to the […]

Available Fonts – Example 07

#Java Available Fonts – Lesson 07 a new example for you to learn by example, this week I was trying to figure out what fonts I had available on one particular system as my code was displaying different fonts on other test systems. So I wrote a simple example how you can check what fonts […]