Orange Calculator 1.5.5

It’s been a while but I have a new update that includes a change to the About Screen with new changelog & license details as well as fixed a small bug that Fixed copy result rather than last calculation to Last result. This version now also includes Windows packages as well as Debian, Fedora, Executable […]

New – SmallTextPad Version

Hello, Another update on one of my Small applications and this time its for SmallTextPad 1.0.4, that also allowed me to take the opportunity to create a small and simple link that contains the license for several components of the program as well as the ChangeLog So this is SmallTextPad 1.0.4 I am providing several […]

Packaging JAR for Windows

How to create windows executable binary and Microsoft Software Installer from a simple executable JAR like all the packages I provide for Linux and it all started a while ago when someone asked me why I was providing full packages for Linux but only a executable JAR for windows users and although the answer was […]